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The heart of it all.

Bahama One Luxurious Elegant Timeless Aesthetic

The epitome of luxury and elegance – Bahama One. The exquisite craftmanship redefines the concepts of outdoor comfort and style. Meticulously designed and crafted to refine your outdoor experience, our highclass parasol is a statement of elegance and timeless beauty. Its unique aesthetics and versatility, which can be combined with various styles, makes it a perfect addition to gardens, terraces, and pool areas. This luxurious sunshade takes your outdoor area to a new, even more sublime level. Bestow upon your outdoor space the elegance it deserves and craft an environment that leaves your neighbors envious.
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*This model is limited to 500 pieces


Founded in 1950 today Bahama designs and manufactures a great variety of high-quality large-size parasols and sun sails. National and international customers alike trust in our industrial technology and accurate workmanship. The premium products from Bahama characteristically stand for technical attributes like compactness, durability and wind stability but also for aesthetical features like beautiful designs and materials.
»Made in Germany« – our full range production facility manufactures nearly all parts in house. Bahama further processes sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. The combination of high-quality materials and the structural features allows Bahama to guarantee wind stability for its products, depending on the model, of up to 130 km/h.
And most importantly: We love customer service – from consulting to installation, from cleaning to winter storage and maintenance.
Make the outdoors the new indoors. No matter what the weather. Just get to know us!
About Bahama

Studio F. A. Porsche

„Design must be honest“ – these four words spoken by our founder, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, get to the heart of our thinking. They mean that design is not simply decoration or superficial beautification to us, but rather the perfect symbiosis of form and function. This can only be achieved once you have fully grasped the functionality of a product.
When the studio was founded in Zell am See in 1972, F. A. Porsche already gave the evidence for this philosophy: the design of the Porsche 911. It’s an unembellished, timeless design, which embodies the technical essence of the sports car like a perfectly tailored suit. A passionate tribute to motion – even standing still.
Our fascination with purist design still motivates us today. It permeates all the areas in which Studio F. A. Porsche designs objects for the 21st century: in product design, transport and space design.
With hundreds of international design prizes in our portfolio, today we are one of the leading studios worldwide in product, transport and room design.
About Studio F.A. Porsche

You have the choice.

Textile membrane

swela "elegance"

In order to meet the highest standards of quality, protection and longevity, we have chosen the “elegance” fabric for the Bahama One – a material made under the Swela brand. The textile is made of high-density fabric which is not only waterproof but also provides an impressive UV resistance. These properties not only ensure optimal performance during rain showers but also provide effective shielding against UV radiation. This guarantees your personal comfort and also preserves the color vibrancy and durability of the umbrella fabric.
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310 27 | vanilla

309 37 | desert

310 37 | linen

310 57 | sandstone

310 09 | sky

309 18 | fish

361 09 | fog

361 07 | nature

310 08 | steel

310 48 | mouse

309 48 | cement

310 18 | slate

310 58 | night

309 58 | basalt

310 28 | panther

310 02 | mandarin

309 12 | lava

310 43 | tomato

361 03 | cherry

314 86 | kiwi

361 05 | dove

310 35 | marine

341 17 | marine

bahama-one-szene1-vorher bahama-one-szene1-nachher

First Time High-Class Cooperation in Sunshading.

LED Lighting

Experience a fascinating atmosphere with the optional LED lighting integrated into the parasol’s support spokes. All electrical components and cables are hidden within the umbrella frame. Moreover, the Bahama One introduces an additional design accent with its distinctive light spot at the top of the umbrella, creating an extra highlight.

Parasols by Bahama: Made in Germany.

bahama-one-szene2-vorher bahama-one-szene2-nachher

Spokes, Bearings and Hinges

The spokes and support spokes of the Bahama One are not only functional but also aesthetic. Made from high-quality recycled aluminum, they are designed with no visible wiring or fasteners disrupting the appearance. The shaping is simple and elegant, complementing a modern and sophisticated look.
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bahama-one-szene4-vorher bahama-one-szene4-nachher

In-depth product development of the two leading specialists in quality and design.

Umbrella Center Pole

The center pole of the Bahama One is characterized by a minimalistic cylinder design. Accents in a brushed aluminum look emphasize the lines of the cylinder and give the entire parasol its appealing aesthetics. Encounter a perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetics.
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Unique high-performance guarantee: Sole manufacturer with specific warranty up to wind force 10 | 102 km/h

bahama-one-szene3-vorher bahama-one-szene3-nachher

Installation options

The standard package comprises the In-Ground Tipping Base. All installation options are galvanized and powder-coated in anthracite grey | RAL 7016, textured finish. Select the installation option that best suits your needs and ensure a stable base for your parasol.

In-ground tipping base

Our in-ground tipping base is not only functional but also aesthetically designed. The elegant design seamlessly fits into any outdoor ambience and underlines the exclusive character of your umbrella. The in-ground tipping base is included in the standard supply scope of the Bahama One and guarantees a wind warranty up to max. wind force 10 | 102 km/h, depending on the parasol size.
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Steel plate base
with 4 or 8 steel plates | 2 layers

With the combination of outstanding stability and aesthetic sophistication, our steel plate base defines new standards. Made of high-quality galvanized steel, it not only guarantees reliable stability but also convinces through a robust and weather-resistant coating to keep your investment functional and maintain its flawless appearance in the long term. The timeless design of the steel plate base seamlessly fits into any environment and gives your high-class parasol an impressive visibility. Take advantage of the freedom to place your parasol wherever you please with the steel plate base while maintaining a harmonious look.
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Octagonal surface mount
with counter-bores

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Multi-use Flange Plate |
for 3 or 4 screws

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Connecting plate for » Krinner «
ground screw

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Theft and Usage Protection

Dimensions & technical data:

Ø 4,0 m

8 spokes

Ø 4,5 m

8 spokes

Ø 5,0 m

8 spokes

4,0 x 4,0 m

8 spokes

4,5 x 4,5 m

8 spokes

5,0 x 5,0 m

8 spokes

Transport packaging

The parasols leave our production facility in perfect condition. To ensure their arrival in an impeccable state they are delivered in a hard-cardboard cylinder tube.

Protective cover

The available protective cover is exclusively manufactured for the Bahama One and made of swela “elegance” fabric, the same material used for the umbrella membrane. This ensures that your parasol radiates equal elegance in closed and open condition. In addition, it makes sure that your parasol remains protected in every season.

Extra Protection V4A | Maritime Edition

To provide an extra protection for your Bahama One, the parasol is also available in a V4A stainless steel edition.

Made in Germany

Bahama’s customers always refer back to the great importance of our German production facilities. »Made in Germany« is still a unique selling point and a reason to buy. Bahama‘s full range production facility is located in Germany.
The combination of the highest quality materials and structural features allows Bahama to guarantee the wind stability of its products, depending on the model, up to 130 km/h. In addition to the technical details of the parasol, it is especially the lightfastness of the fabrics’ colors, the waterproofness and grammage as well as the water column of the textile membranes which make Bahama top of its class. Trust is placed in Bahama by luxury hotels such as the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the Hotel Sacher in Vienna and the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, USA.


Service greatly influences the life span of a parasol. The exchangeable textile membrane of a Bahama parasol can – after being exposed to all sorts of weather conditions for years – be cleaned or replaced. Our service makes a full technical and general overhaul of the product so that they not only look attractive, but can defy the strongest of winds.
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Discover the diversity of our Bahama One in the interactive flip catalog.